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Seven years of drawing: then and now by MayeGirl Seven years of drawing: then and now :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 1 2 The Golden Trio by MayeGirl The Golden Trio :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 0 0 Me (Colored) by MayeGirl Me (Colored) :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 0 0 Me (LineArt) by MayeGirl Me (LineArt) :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 0 0 Trying to by MayeGirl Trying to :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 2 0
I’m fine
(with crying by myself)
I’ll be alright
(in twenty years)
It’s not your fault
(it’s entirely mine)
No, I haven’t been crying
(this time)
I’m okay
(with waking up on a tearstained pillow)
Don’t ask
(I don’t feel like crying about it)
A rough translation of what we’re all really saying.
:iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 2 3
Please by MayeGirl Please :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 7 3
The Goldeneyes (part 6)
Carlisle slowly explained it to me and the others; I could feel Edward’s tension grow as his “father” spoke.
“The venom locked inside of you has turned into… a balloon of sorts,” he informed us. “Like a venom balloon: if we pop it, it will unleash the venom and your transformation should continue as normal.”
“Should?” Edward asked, jaw clenched as he tightened his hold on me.
“There are no guarantees, Edward,” Steven informed him. “Just like there aren’t any guarantees with an ordinary transformation.”
Edward looked down at me painfully. I knew full well that he did not wish for me to become a vampire, that he wanted it to be my choice at the very least. And here we were again, a silver sword ready to swing down on my neck. Literally.
His head snapped up and he glared at Carlisle.
“You could have mentioned that that was a possibility,” he snarled angrily.
:iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 1 0
Doodles by MayeGirl Doodles :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 1 3
Gabriella's Reaction
I stared down at the lump, in shock.
This could not be true.
Gently, I prodded the tiny bump on my lower abdomen and gasped when it did not give way. I could not believe it had taken me this long to notice this. I tried to think back to the last time I had been through my cycle. It had been almost two months, when the leaves were still green.
Tears welled in my eyes and I started to hyperventilate. Quickly, I dressed in my loosest dress, a red one without buttons, and dashed from my room.
My husband’s door was closed, not that that mattered. I knew he was in the fields with his men today, struggling to bring the harvest in before the first frost set in. The only reason I was here was because of the headache that was refusing to depart.
I must have looked like a mad woman, running through the castle with my hair still unbound from the restless night’s sleep, without even a cloak to keep me warm in the autumn air, my eyes wide in panic.
It couldn’t be true. It couldn
:iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 2 0
The Goldeneys (part 5)
"What does that mean?" I asked confused.
"It means that you have the ability to bend others to your will – with intense concentration. And…" Steven began hesitantly. "That you're not fully a vampire."
As he said that I felt the pain reappear then vanish, along with all my sudden strength. My head pounded. My heart raced. And my breathing grew jagged.
"Bella," Edward said, throwing off Lysander and Adrian and flashing to my side.
"What does that mean?" I demanded again, gripping the front of Edward's shirt to keep from toppling over and glaring at Steven.
"Basically... It's like part of your blood is tainted with venom and the rest of it isn't. At times, you'll be a vampire, but at others, a human." He explained. "It... may or may not turn you into full vampire. If it doesn't..."
"Can we talk about this later?" Edward asked, in tune with my panic. "It's late and Bella needs to get home before Charlie wakes up and finds her missing."
"I don't think you'll have time to get he
:iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 1 0
Do You Understand... by MayeGirl Do You Understand... :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 9 5
The Goldeneyes (Part 4)
"What the freaking HECK!" Melody shrieked. "What the heck did he do to you?!"
"Hey!" I protested, trying in vain to squirm out of her grasp.
"Bella," she hissed, "why haven't these healed? And why are they silvery like this?"
"I don't know," I sighed. "Now will you please let go."
Melody ignored me and continued to stare at the old wounds which throbbing dully like usual. "These should have healed years ago, yet there still radiating pain. Let me try..."
Using her unusual gift of healing, Melody moved her hand across my back and attempted to pull the pain out. I had to bit back a swear word when the dull pain I had long ago grown used to suddenly intensified. Instead, I shrieked and tried harder to escaped from her grasp.
"Bella!" Edward shouted, lunging for Melody before Lysander and Adrian stopped him.
"That hurts!" I screamed to Melody.
She frowned, "It shouldn't be..."
The pain dulled again for a minute before flaring back more painfully than the last time.
"Stop it!" I begged and
:iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 1 0
The Goldeneyes (Part 3)
Edward studied Melody's furious expression for a minute and read her thoughts, fighting a smile that threatened at the corners of his lips.
"What VAN?" Melody repeated glaring from me to Edward.
"Alice will explain," he said after a minute, gesturing to the pixie-like vampire. "Right now, I would like to get Bella out of the woods and to a more easily defensible area."
Gently, but still so swiftly it knocked the air out of my lungs, Edward swung me onto his back and took off through the woods.
"You could have warned me they were coming." He called over his shoulder when he had put some distance between us and the others. "I nearly took your friends' heads off."
"Sorry," I whispered sheepishly. Then I turned defensive. "But think of how you would have reacted if I HAD told you earlier that I had lived NEXT-DOOR with vampires, before you heard their thoughts or saw their golden eyes for yourself."
Edward considered that for a minute before nodding. "I wouldn't have listened long enough f
:iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 1 0
Mormons by MayeGirl Mormons :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 26 27 My Valentine Friends by MayeGirl My Valentine Friends :iconmayegirl:MayeGirl 0 0


Met your match by MegS-ILS Met your match :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 442 62 Worried by MegS-ILS Worried :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 370 75 Trust by MegS-ILS Trust :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 626 126 Some more ML by MegS-ILS Some more ML :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 373 26 Ladybug all weekend by MegS-ILS Ladybug all weekend :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 335 52 edward and rose and porsche by Curious-Kitten edward and rose and porsche :iconcurious-kitten:Curious-Kitten 336 49 Erudite by sans-art Erudite :iconsans-art:sans-art 748 27 Lynx by sans-art Lynx :iconsans-art:sans-art 208 18 Fox and fireflies =) by sans-art Fox and fireflies =) :iconsans-art:sans-art 149 11 Diamond Dust Dragon by JoJoesArt Diamond Dust Dragon :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 1,789 45 Seasons Change by JoJoesArt Seasons Change :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 4,406 136 Free Like a Bird (+ Youtube Video Process) by JoJoesArt Free Like a Bird (+ Youtube Video Process) :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 3,304 129 Owl Post Avatar by jevibecl10 Owl Post Avatar :iconjevibecl10:jevibecl10 4 0 Writer Avatar by jevibecl10 Writer Avatar :iconjevibecl10:jevibecl10 4 0 Eagle Avatar by jevibecl10 Eagle Avatar :iconjevibecl10:jevibecl10 1 0 Frozen Tangled Guardians_alternative story by Milady666 Frozen Tangled Guardians_alternative story :iconmilady666:Milady666 7,862 786


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